Being a responsible employer


BIL offers a working environment in which every employee has a chance to reach their full potential and thrive.

BIL supports its staff through its corporate values, Create, Collaborate and Care, since its success is closely tied to the well-being of its employees.

For BIL, being a responsible employer means being an employer of choice, especially in a constantly changing environment where team spirit and employee development are essential.

BIL thus aims to create a working environment that allows all its employees to reach their full potential and thrive. BIL has implemented a number of initiatives:

Guaranteeing the health and well-being of employees, and maintaining a constructive dialogue

The bank provides an employee benefits package that seeks to promote health and work-life balance. This package includes:

  • Various funds and allowances, provided according to specific employee needs such as childcare or major family events.
  • A psychosocial assistance programme called “People Care” that helps employees in difficult situations and ensures they receive follow-up and support (with strict rules regarding anonymity, confidentiality and neutral contacts).
  • BIL has set up its own fitness centre (FIT4BIL) at its headquarters, which has been completely renovated and is accessible to all employees.
  • The bank is home to a range of sports and cultural associations, known as GPOS. By promoting these programmes, the bank aims to use sports and culture to improve mental and physical health.
  • The bank takes the needs and expectations of staff on board through regular employee surveys. These surveys cover a variety of themes.

Diversity and inclusion

BIL group firmly believes that diversity and inclusion help to drive collective performance, since they allow the bank to build an environment of trust and cooperation and have a positive impact on its culture.

Diversity is also a factor in attracting new talent. Younger generations are actively seeking employers with a strong corporate culture and values that are aligned with their own. This is why BIL has also been a signatory to the Diversity Charter since 2012.

Karin Scholtes

People, Culture & Communication
member of the executive committee

“The most important point is that our values – Create, Collaborate and Care – are inclusive and unifying. When a person feels happy in their own skin, they can be true to themselves. We want everyone who walks through our doors in the morning to know that BIL is a place where they can be themselves rather than having to play a part. Diversity is when you’re invited to the party; inclusion is when someone invites you to dance.”

Creating adequate training and development plans

The bank has its own in-house training facility called BIL Academy. BIL Academy offers a comprehensive training programme, both online and in person, that is open to all employees, regardless of length of service. It aims to encourage lifelong learning and continuous improvement, and to foster a growth mindset.

BIL Academy also supports the sustainable development strategy. Where sustainable development is concerned, the stakes are now so high that it is essential to promote professional development and upgrade the skills of our workforce through education and training in sustainability.

Raising awareness of sustainable development issues

Every month, the bank organises Sustainability Days for its employees to raise awareness about sustainable development. Games, challenges and exhibitions are used to prompt staff to consider climate issues, their own carbon footprint or waste management within the bank, for example. Staff are also encouraged to actively participate in the search for best practices, thus enabling them to act as responsible citizens and employees.

Our Sustainability Days have a diverse range of themes, including “International Women’s Rights Day”, “Responsible Eating”, “Diversity and Gender Equality” and “Your Carbon Footprint”.