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What is financial leasing?

What does this financing solution consist of? How does it work? What type of assets can I lease? Find out the answers to these questions in this video!

Advantages and benefits

  • Goods fully financed by BIL Lease

    (including pre-payment of VAT), without any capital outlay by the lessee.

  • Fixed rates and instalments throughout the lease.

  • Flexible

    Can be paid in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual or seasonal instalments to keep track of the lessee’s cash flows; possibility of making a higher initial payment.

  • Balance sheet neutral

    The item does not appear as a fixed asset nor as a liability on the lessee’s balance sheet.

  • Potential partial or full deduction of lease payments as operating expenses.

  • Ability to reclaim VAT

    (on lease payments).

  • Continued benefit from the investment-related tax credit.

  • Special terms with lower rates and application fees for green vehicles.

Equipment covered*

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cars, utility vehicles, trailers, lorries, buses, , locomotives, etc.

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Building and public works equipment

Civil engineering machinery, cranes, diggers, etc.

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Handling equipment

Telescopic forklifts, forklift trucks, etc.

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Industrial equipment

Machine tools, presses, etc.

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Farming machinery

Tractors, combine harvesters, etc.

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IT, office and telecom equipment

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Medical and surgical equipment

Equipment for dental surgeries, medical imaging, ophthalmology, etc.

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Equipment for the HORECA sector

Professional kitchens, etc.

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Office furniture

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What is a finance lease?

Lessees have three options at the end of the lease:

Can used equipment be covered by a lease?

Is it possible to make an own contribution?

Grants available for the purchase of a green vehicle

*Non-exhaustive list of equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact your BIL Relationship Manager for more information.
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