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BIL Business

What if it were the right time
to transfer/take over a business?

Whether you’re buying or selling, BIL BUSINESS TRANSFER TRANSFER supports you at every stage of the business transfer process.

The BIL Business Transferprogramme is aimed at anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

We have a team of multidisciplinary experts helping you see your plans through, who fully understand the importance of tailored support every step of the way.

Properly preparing the handover and navigating each party’s professional and personal challenges is BIL Business Transfer’s top priority.

Our missions


Valuation of the company and estimation of the transaction price.

Support in the business transfer process (financial planning, negotiation, transfer agreement).

Wealth management.


Assessment of the situation. Optional: financial study, market/client analysis and legal support from our network of experts.

Identifying potential buyers/takeover plan/financial planning/cost management.

Financial and legal framework to finalise the transaction over the short and long term.

Experts dedicated

to your business transfer plans

Identifying potential pitfalls in the transfer process

We help you sell your business by planning each step of this complex process and determining the potential buyer profile.

Transaction price estimate

We establish the business’s current profitability, as well as projections of future financial capacity. This will determine the terms of the transfer process.

Using our network and partner networks to put sellers in contact with buyers

Confidentially is key throughout the process. We help bring the parties together based on their objectives and taking into account their priorities.

Managing the proceeds of the sale

Our Private Banking specialists can help you structure your assets and investments.

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