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Do you want to invest more responsibly?

With BIL Invest, you can choose from six responsible investment products.

For the third year running, our four BIL Invest Patrimonial funds have been awarded the ESG label (environmental, social and governance criteria) by LuxFLAG. For the first time this year, two other BIL Invest equity and bond funds have received the same label (awarded until 30/9/2024, to be renewed).

Moving towards responsible finance

Investing in these six BIL Invest funds gives you the assurance that your investments comply with ESG (environmental, social and governance) standards and strategies and are truly invested responsibly, with regard to the ESG strategies and standards defined by LuxFLAG. An important guarantee that you know where your money is invested.

Examples of measures taken by BIL and the responsible characteristics sought when the bank decides to invest through these six investment funds, in companies or in other investment funds:

  • Exclusion of certain sectors of activity deemed not responsible
  • Incorporation of non-financial factors considered risky for the environment, for example, or which bring opportunities and growth for the future

Read the detailed description of sustainability characteristics applied by BIL in its investment decisions.

Decisions to invest in the fund must take into account all of the fund’s characteristics and objectives and not just the sustainable investment aspects.

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Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) is an international, independent not-for-profit association created in Luxembourg in 2006 by seven private and public founding partners to promote sustainable finance: the Luxembourg government, ALFI, ABBL, ADA, the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg for Finance and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


LuxFLAG seeks to promote sustainable finance by encouraging all financial players to adopt responsible practices to ensure a sustainable future. More specifically, LuxFLAG fulfils this role by awarding labels to financial products that meet predefined sustainability criteria.


BIL’s vision is clear. It undertakes to develop a sustainable range of investment products. We firmly believe that responsible investment is the path to follow if we are to make the world more resilient without sacrificing profitability. Furthermore, we are improving our offering and gradually enhancing our range of sustainable products, thus broadening the opportunities available to you.

BIL Invest

Our family is growing

BIL Invest is BIL’s investment fund, administered by our team of experts who carry out a rigorous selection of securities. We choose these investments based on their return potential and their compliance with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria set by the bank.

BIL Invest BIL Invest

Benefits of our six BIL Invest responsible investment solutions

  • The guarantee of choosing a responsible investment
  • Potential returns based on financial market performance
  • Accessible with no minimum investment

Investment fund risks

  • Risk of capital loss and counterparty risk
  • Your investments are subject to financial market risks
  • All risks and their details can be found in the BIL Invest fund prospectus

Six of our funds awarded LuxFLAG certification

Four mixed BIL Invest Patrimonial funds

Offering vast diversification, your investments are judiciously distributed between equities, bonds, and others. Our portfolio management experts ensure this is managed proactively for you.

BIL Invest Defensive

BIL Invest Patrimonial
Maximum equity

  • Maximum equity portion of 25%
BIL Invest Low

BIL Invest Patrimonial
Maximum equity

  • Maximum equity portion of 50%
BIL Invest Medium

BIL Invest Patrimonial
Maximum equity

  • Maximum equity portion of 75%
BIL Invest High

BIL Invest Patrimonial
Maximum equity

  • Maximum equity portion of 100%

Two specialised funds: your investment is not diversified and focuses either on bonds or on equities.

BIL Fond Defensive

BIL Invest Bonds EUR Corporate Investment Grade

  • Private sector bond markets, denominated in euro
BIL Fond Defensive

BIL Invest Equities Europe

  • European stock markets, denominated in euro

What if investing in investment funds could be child’s play?

Make your life easier and invest at your own pace through our Flexicav automatic investment scheme. Available from €25 per month, with no commitment. There is a risk of capital loss.

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