Offering sustainable products and services


The bank is developing responsible products and services that create value for clients while supporting the global ecological and social transition.

The bank offers financial products and services that are essential to creating a solid foundation for future generations. BIL thus offers its clients sustainable investment solutions that combine solid returns with a commitment to ecological and/or social issues.

Responsible investment

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Sustainable finance

Our financing solutions play a key role in economic flows and allow our clients to undertake a range of sustainable projects. We provide them responsible products such as:

  • Solar panel loans are dedicated products that offer special rates to finance the fitting of solar panels (including on private homes).
  • Climate loans are reduced- or zero-rate loans subsidised by the Luxembourg State to promote renovations.
  • Green vehicle financing
    • Car loans: BIL offers special “green rates” to finance eco-vehicles (electric and hybrid). Find out more about our terms and conditions
    • Private leasing: In 2020, BIL joined forces with ALD (ALD Automotive Luxembourg) to launch a private leasing solution for a range of green vehicles. Find out more about our offers
    • Professional leasing: Since the beginning of 2020, our BIL Lease subsidiary has also been offering special rates for green cars (electric and hybrid).


BIL has developed digital communication tools to facilitate dialogue with clients while reducing the consumption of paper and energy linked to non-essential travel. The bank encourages its clients to adopt these digital solutions and helps familiarise them with the new technologies where necessary.

  • Onboarding
    BIL was the first bank in Luxembourg to offer new clients a fully digitised account opening process they could complete securely in a matter of minutes
  • BILnet and MultiLine
    BILnet is a simple, secure and innovative online banking solution that provides clients with direct access 24/7.
    The mobile app provides clients with the same elite experience as the web version and includes a wide range of functionalities: account management, investments and loans, credit transfers and payments, mobile payments, access to electronic documents with a paperless option, contact with account managers via secure messaging and much more.
    MultiLine is a multi-bank web platform specifically designed to give companies access to simplified cash management services.
  • Electronic signature
    Digital identification via LuxTrust means that the bank can allow its clients to sign banking documents electronically, with no need to send anything by post. Clients can therefore access a range of products without setting foot in a branch.
    Electronic signatures can be used to sign the documents required to open an online account, order cards or take out most loans (mortgage, personal, student or investment loans).
  • Paperless
    BIL has been a pioneer in document digitisation for over a decade and encourages its clients to go paperless. More than half of our clients have already chosen this option and now receive their banking documents via BILnet rather than by post.
  • Digital support
    Digitising processes and offering them to clients is not the end of the story for BIL. Instead, BIL takes the time to help even the most reluctant clients transition to digital services. Digital technology serves people, but people also serve digital technology: guest advisers manage client flows in our SHOP and HOUSE branches. Their role is to educate and support clients using alternative channels (BILnet, ATM, etc.) and thus help those who feel less comfortable with digital technology.
    In addition to our tutorial microsite, instructive videos and in-person digital coaching workshops, BIL clients also have access to our Client Care Center, which allows them to troubleshoot by phone in multiple languages.

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