Do you want to contribute to a
more sustainable world?

Invest more responsibly.

Do you want to see your plans become a reality by maximising your savings? Do you also want to have a more positive impact on the world in which we live?
How can you do this if you don’t have the time or inclination to manage your investments yourself? Is there a turnkey approach that tries to help the environment as well as your portfolio?

BIL Invest Patrimonial
Choose a responsible, sustainable investment.

One of our investment funds, BIL Invest Patrimonial, is a solution that adapts to your plans and tries to have a positive social and environmental impact, while generating positive returns.

I want to reconcile profitability with responsible investment. Is this possible?

Gilles W.

Yes, with BIL Invest Patrimonial’s responsible and professional management. The fund is managed by BIL’s specialist teams in Luxembourg, who carefully select the securities in which they invest for both potential performance and respect for environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

BIL Invest Patrimonial performed well in 2020, although past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Is sustainable investment not just a passing trend?

Cathy G.

We don’t think so. The COVID-19 pandemic raised awareness of the world around us and our ways of living. A tendency to be more alert, to ask ourselves more questions, to be more responsible, is evident, even among investors.

New European regulations aimed at increasing transparency over the sustainability of solutions offered by banks and finance professionals are emerging, to the benefit of investors and the planet.

We are convinced that responsible, sustainable investment is the path to follow if we are to make the world more resilient without sacrificing profitability.

The benefits of BIL Invest Patrimonial

  • The guarantee of investing in diversified funds that meet ESG criteria.
  • Potential returns based on financial market performance.
  • A turnkey solution that avoids you having to manage your own investments.
  • An accessible solution with no minimum investment.

The risks of investing in an investment fund

  • Your capital is not guaranteed so there is a risk of capital loss.
  • Your investment is subject to financial market risks.

Choose between four sub-funds adapted to your investor profile and investment horizon :

BIL Invest Patrimonial
  • Investment horizon 2 year .
  • Maximum equity portion of 25%.
BIL Invest Patrimonial
  • Investment horizon 3 year.
  • Maximum equity portion of 50%.
BIL Invest Patrimonial
  • Investment horizon 4 year.
  • Maximum equity portion of 75%.
BIL Invest Patrimonial
  • Investment horizon 5 year.
  • Maximum equity portion of 100%.

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