Swiss tradition.
European roots.
Eastern expertise.

To meet both
your personal and
corporate needs.

A commitment to you

While responsibility is the dominant value in our philosophy, it cannot exist in isolation from our other values: trust, performance, listening, integrity and transparency.

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At BIL Suisse

We offer integrated financial solutions whether you are an individual, a member of a family, an entrepreneur or a professional. We strive to use all of the human and technical resources available to us to maintain and develop your wealth.


A private bank under Swiss law, located in the three main Swiss financial centres.

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Swiss tradition

BIL Suisse has offices in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano.

Profiting from long standing political stability, a strong economy and a safe currency, Switzerland remains the world’s top international wealth management hub and the global leader for cross-border private banking.

Through its 3 offices, BIL Suisse offers individuals, independent asset managers and companies a full range of services of a boutique private bank with an international scale.

In the pure tradition of Swiss private banking, BIL Swiss excels in providing wealth management solutions with a one-of-a-kind attention to its client relation.

As of December 2019, BIL Suisse oversaw Assets under Management of CHF 4.1 billion.


A fully owned subsidiary of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, the oldest private bank in the Grand Duchy.

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European roots

A fully owned subsidiary of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, the oldest private bank in the Grand Duchy.

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg is the third biggest bank in Luxembourg in terms of market share. It offers retail, private, corporate and institutional banking as well as treasury and financial market services and is recognized as systemically important by the European Central Bank.

Bil Suisse has a collaborative relationship with BIL Luxembourg and can rely on its expertise to meet client needs.

BIL Luxembourg key figures as at30.06.2020
Net income after tax: EUR 40 million
Assets under Management: EUR 41.4 billion
Customer deposits: EUR 19.1 billion
Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio: 12.79%


An ability to support client needs in China, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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Eastern expertise

Our strategy enables you to benefit from our network of international experts throughout the world, including our offices from locations in Beijing and the Greater Bay Area.

With the support of BIL Luxembourg’s main shareholder, Legend Holdings, and a dedicated team at BIL Suisse, we developed a strong expertise in servicing Asian clients.

Other parts of the world such as Eastern Europe, CIS and the Middle East are also well served with growing teams at BIL Suisse.

There is someone else on your side

Regardless of your personal or professional situation, we recognize that your requirements are unique. Our aim is to mobilize our team of experts to present you with a range of options and tailored solutions to meet your needs. The whole bank is at your service.

Your BIL Suisse Relationship Manager is your dedicated contact person, who can work closely with a team of professionals, including:

  • Investment advisors and discretionary portfolio advisors
  • Investment Product experts
  • Credit and Lending solutions experts
  • Asset structuring and estate planning experts
  • Corporate Advisory specialists
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Governance of BIL Suisse

Seasoned management team with extensive international experience responsible for steering the management and strategic direction of BIL Suisse.

Hans Peter Borght Hans-Peter BorghSee profile
CEO BIL Suisse
Group Head International
Marco Schaller Marco SchallerSee profile
Head of Wealth Management

The Bank strictly adheres to legal requirements to have a clear organizational structure with transparent lines of responsibility and adequate internal control mechanisms - including sound administrative and accounting procedures - as well as remuneration policies that promote effective risk management.

Tailor-made services
in any circumstances

One situation is not the same as another. We take the concept of personalization as far as we possibly can.

You are an individual, a
member of a family or an

Your assets will be managed in line with your investor profile, employing a management strategy supported by our team of experts.

Our solutions take into account a detailed understanding of your wealth, your return objectives, your investor profile, the availability and transferability of your assets. Based on this, we define an investment strategy that best suits your requirements.

You are a

Whether you are an asset manager or a financial advisor, we aim to provide solutions that enable you to optimize the development and management of your clients.

As a custodian bank, BIL Suisse enables independent investment managers to benefit from a solid support system and personalized advice to assist in your day-to-day activities.

Independent wealth managers may also draw on the expertise of our extensive specialists.

In this respect, the Bank offers:
  • Management, reporting and
    investment advisory tools
  • Wide range of financial products
    on an open architecture
  • An execution and
    technology platform
In our capacity as an integral part of a universal bank, our team will ensure that you have a full range of financial services at your disposal, including:
  • Dedicated coverage team
  • Cash management
  • Custodian services
  • Online banking
    service via BIL net
  • Financing and credit
    structuring solutions
  • Legacy and tax reporting
  • Privileged access to our
    investment advisors
  • Contractual arrangements
    (surety and escrow agreement)