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Manage Flexicav
on BILnet

New options that will make your life easier,
on all of your devices

Available for a new Flexicav or
a Flexicav opened on 17/11/2019 or later

New Flexicav dashboard

  • See your Flexicav investments and their value more clearly.

  • Your Flexicav is now located on your main accounts page in the “Securities accounts” section.

  • Click on your Flexicav securities account to access your investments as well as your investing account
    (automatically created with your Flexicav: this account is only used for receiving the money you transfer to it that will then be invested in the funds you have chosen through your Flexicav)

New options to easily manage your Flexicav

Create a recurring investment

Are you a savvy investor who wants to diversify their investments?

Do you believe in investing in Europe, for example?

Do you want to take greater advantage of long-term market performance compared to the returns of traditional savings products by taking more risks?

Why not create a new recurring investment in a BIL Invest fund?

It’s easy! With our 17 BIL Invest funds, you are sure to find one that matches your investor profile.

Make a one-off investment

Do you want to boost your investment project?

Are you saving more now, so you can invest a little more than when you opened your Flexicav?

In a few clicks, invest an amount of your choosing in addition to your regular investments.

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