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Author: Pierre Clement
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Selling your property better!

Although a mandatory step for most home owners, selling a property is often associated to stress. (...)

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Six Europeans out of ten think that real estate is expensive in their countries. In Luxembourg, 89% of the residents (...)

Real estate: hit-parade of the most expensive municipalities in Luxembourg

Owner-occupancy has been the historical norm in Luxembourg. However, the real estate market soar has made accessing (...)

Should I sell or rent my property?

Putting a house bought a few years ago up for rent, keeping a buy-to-let investment, or even renting an inherited (...)

The tax reform and residential real estate: how to take advantage from it?

Enacted on the 1st of January 2017, the tax reform reinforces the provisions to make buying a property (...)

Why investing in your home is one of first investments to make?

According to Statec, more than two thirds of Luxembourg residents own their homes. If this is not yet your case (...)

Your real estate project in Luxembourg: How to make the most out of the available tax advantages?

While it is obvious that we invest not primarily in real estate to optimise taxes (...)