Spike & Stick

Keep on moving, 2021

Throughout their careers, which each span more than 25 years, the two artists, Spike and Stick, have often been called upon to collaborate on interventions of all kinds, in more or less precarious conditions. There is the former Luxlait factory in Merl in 2010, the Henri-Funck brewery in Neudorf, or the Schmelz project on the former ARBED site in Esch/Schifflange in 2019, to name only the most visible.

So many adventures and real risk-taking that served as exercises in style to lead to what we have today: the fusion of two signatures, initially quite distinct, for a generous and playful proposal, where duality does not rhyme with opposition.

Graffiti of surveyors, codified tags, flat treatment of the composition. So much for the rules of the game.

They really feed off each other's work to create a homogeneity beyond individual expectations and limits.