*1962, Dudelange, LUXEMBOURG
lives and works in Luxembourg

Roger Wagner finds his protagonists or staffage - depending on how one likes to see it - in the border zones between urbanity and nature, the flora becomes the stage set for the appearance of the birds.

Wagner's compositions address the specific presences of the birds and yet depict them as if casually part of their environment. They can be seen interacting with plants, trees and civilization artifacts in such detail that the viewer is immersed in the image. This is how the obvious becomes the special. Birds appear confusingly similar to rare artworks, not only esthetically, but also in a pragmatic respect: over 600 million breeding birds have disappeared since 1980.

Artistically, Roger Wagner has been dealing with the representation of animals in photography since the 1980s, when he showed taxidermically prepared animals from the archives of natural history museums, sometimes in illustrious dioramas: the series was called “Noah's Archives”. Only a few years ago, the “TSO” series showed live but captive zoo animals as part of their exotically designed enclosures.

With the “Birdscapes” series the circle closes: already in his youth Wagner dealt theoretically and practically with ornithology, today it is a reunion of soulmates.