Claire-voie, 2016

Claire-voie is placed in the opening of one of the doors linking the exhibition spaces, in such a way as to symbolically prevent passage and modify the spectator's wandering, his perception of the place and, by the same token, of the status of the artwork.

This location invites us to rethink the normative and the arbitrary, the limit and the barrier, the prohibition and its formulation or transgression, the curiosity and the questioning that the injunction not to do or not to pass arouses. These are highly topical issues, in the political and social field of course (the 'walls of power' and the borders that fall and rise again, the imperative measures whose meaning or evolution is no longer understood), but also in the field of behavioural economics, if we think of the research on 'nudge' that earned Richard Thaler the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017.

The format of the piece is inspired by the doorway of the Romanesque church of the Abbey of Sitria in Umbria, obstructed by a frail assembly of branches probably from the abandoned garden nearby. Simplicity and purity of place, and of the immaterial border.