MT Traces, 2020

MüllerThal Traces are witnesses of the lockdown of spring 2020 and represent the forced immobility that we all experienced. Many residents discovered the Müllerthal valleys at that time. For some years now Miltgen has been returning regularly and working there from time to time. The lockdown was the trigger for these Traces, which specifically refer to the Müllerthal as a place, which is unusual for the artist to work about. These are prints on aluminum foil of eroded cliffs. They refer to the long, geological time, in relation to our own, infinitely shorter time. In the context of the health crisis, they remind us of the relationship we have with our environment, the landscape, the territory, our roots, our home, its history and our insertion in this space and time. Pyrites refer to our capacity for abstraction, that is to say the theoretical and virtual world, and at the same time, coming from the earth, they remind us of our own physical dimension, the body and the connection we have with the earth. The velvety surface adds an elusive dimension to the whole, which corresponds well to the psychic state of the situation, undecided about its degree of virtuality and/or surrealism.