Thibaud LATOUR

Traces, 2018

In our hyper-connected and de-humanised societies, where virtual contact takes precedence over human contact, just as in the physical world, we leave voluntary or involuntary traces of our passage in the virtual world.

From our anonymous localisation, somewhere at a given time, our encounters can be traced, to understand the way we visit places, to recreate a part of our life, to recreate a virtual life, to recreate a future life, even to predict our possible descendants.

Do we have any idea about what our traces tell about us, traces that extend far beyond our moves from one place to another, one day, one or many times?

"Traces" questions us about what those who collect the digital pheromones deposited by us, consciously or unconsciously, with or without our consent, can predict about us, even what we cannot predict about ourselves because we do not know it yet, while they already know it.