Can a bank be mobile and immobile at the same time? Being mobile is the freedom to move around in order to travel, work, learn, do business, see family and friends. The health crisis we have experienced had and still has set a clear stop and has changed the way we are living and doing business. For a moment, it seems, that we have become immobile.

But we have learned: being immobile is a status – being mobile is an attitude. This is a huge difference. As a bank, together with our clients and employees, we wanted to stay mobile: we were available for our clients even in the difficult phases of the pandemic, we developed and offered new services for our business partners and corporate clients and we were able to switch to new ways of working for our employees.

The theme of IM-MOBILITY, reflected in exhibitions and events, helped us to spark debate and to launch a multifaceted discussion forum.

A big thank you to all our business partners who supported IM-MOBILITY with their innovative and forward-looking projects. Also, a big thank you to artists who insured us to rethink our perception of mobility and immobility

The exhibition

IM-MOBILITY is a cycle of multidisciplinary exhibitions dedicated to the theme of mobility and and bringing together artists and innovative companies, who, who, through their work, question our relationship to space and lay the groundwork for the modes of travel of the future. The exhibitions were held in the Galerie Indépendance of the Banque Internationale in Luxembourg and the Heentze Park from 21 September 2021 to 14 January 2022 and from 6 February to 3 June 2022.


Our innovation partners

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IM-MOBILITY pushes the boundaries -
Second cycle (06.02.2022 – 03.06.2022)

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IM-MOBILITY pushes the boundaries -
First cycle (21.09.2021 – 14.01.2022)

How our relationship with space has evolved? What are the foundations of our future means of transport? Artists and innovative businesses will try to provide answers through...

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