Mobility is the freedom to move around in order to travel, work, learn, do business, see family and friends, have fun, shop and eat out. The health crisis that we are experiencing, which has restricted our movement and changed the way we interact with each other, has cast a spotlight on our ways of living and shown the extent to which mobility is a key factor. It has also highlighted the incredible way in which technology and means of communication enable citizens, communities, governments and companies to adapt. Restrictions on movement did not bring business or socialising to a complete halt. But it forced us to do things differently.

BIL is also faced with the question of mobility. Ways of living and doing business are changing, with remote working and new means of communicating and interacting with its clients. This is why it wanted to spark debate, launching a multifaceted discussion forum called IM-MOBILITY.

Artists and experts set out their vision for mobility and present innovative transport solutions, current and future.

The exhibition

From 17 September 2021 to 14 January 2022, the IM-MOBILITY exhibition is filling public and private spaces at BIL headquarters on 69 Route d’Esch, with artworks as well as videos, prototypes and innovative vehicles from companies and research institutes for which transport is a core issue.

The Galerie Indépendance, Heintz Park, customer reception areas and other venues will be used throughout the exhibition. Discover part of the exhibition and artists.


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IM-MOBILITY pushes the boundaries

How our relationship with space has evolved? What are the foundations of our future means of transport? Artists and innovative businesses will try to provide answers through...

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