1964 – Belgique, France, Luxembourg

"Frank Jons is an ardent painter who expresses himself through fluid and colourful painting. His large ensembles composed of saturated chromatic flows fascinate and impose themselves in a structure and an immediate plastic force.

Freed from an experimental and innovative exploration, from the search for adequate techniques, he masters today the ideal vector allowing his vigorous gestures to express his creative energy in total freedom.

His art is both an expression that sublimates his present and anchors it in a positive and invigorating reality, an urgent, bubbling, vital expression that allows him to express in a flow that is both controlled and immediate the very essence of his feelings, his being.

He does not hesitate to confront himself with large formats on which, between dog and wolf, often at the blue hour or at the dawn of a new day, these filaments that weave the canvas intertwine with mastery in a creative act with cathartic virtues... ".

Patricia Sciotti