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BIL Select, an innovative and high-quality service

BIL Select was devised specially for clients like you who want to invest carefully and plan their future with complete peace of mind.
With BIL Select, we promise to meet your needs, from the day-to-day management of your accounts to the more complex handling of your investment portfolios.


With BIL Select, you enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Tailored, direct support

    To better meet your needs, you will be assigned a single point of contact with whom you can build a strong relationship of trust. This personal relationship manager will support you in all your projects, and will be available either on their direct line or by email. He or she can call upon our network of experts to provide you with relevant and appropriate answers to your more complex questions.

    Interview with Maria Passeri

    BIL Select relationship manager at the BIL Dudelange branch.

    What is your background?

    I started at BIL as a cashier in 1987, and at that time we did everything over the counter. For the last 10 years, I have been a relationship manager for the bank's “Investor” clients. The fact that I grew up in Dudelange and have always worked here means that I am close to my clients.

    One of the services provided with BIL Select is personalised support for our clients.
    How does this work on a day-to-day basis?

    I regularly meet my clients to review their situation, often in their own home. We listen and build up a relationship of trust to in order to understand their needs and help them with what they are doing as best we can. It’s also a pleasure to meet them in a less formal setting at our BIL Select events.

    Could you say something about BIL Select?

    It is very rare to have access to discretionary management with as little as EUR 125,000. This is the key advantage of BIL Select, with its Mandate product. I am also lucky to be able to call on colleagues who are investment experts and can help me to guide my clients.

  • A comprehensive annual analysis of your financial position

    BIL Select helps you to achieve your goals by focusing on what matters most to you. Benefit from a personalised annual analysis of your financial position, as well as regular reviews of your financial situation with your relationship manager.

    • COME TOGETHER TO REVIEW your personal banking situation: analyse changes in your assets, investments and loans.
    • TAKE STOCK of your personal, family and financial situation: birth of a child, marriage, relocation, retirement, inheritance.
    • DISCUSS your current and future projects, priorities and objectives.
    • WORK TOGETHER TO CHOOSE the right banking solutions for each key moment of your life according to your needs, calling on the help of our experts on financial markets (depending on the service chosen), insurance, tax, wealth structuring and project finance.
  • An advanced range of investment solutions

    BIL Select offers special access to investment and three management packages tailored to your investor profile and objectives.

    • You want your investments to be managed by financial market experts.BIL Select Mandate

      With a discretionary management contract, you can choose your investment strategy with your relationship manager and entrust the management of your assets to our experts. By selecting suitable investments and adapting to market constraints, they will construct a diversified portfolio for you, with an optimal risk/return profile.

      • Four financial investment strategies with different asset allocations, risk levels, target returns and investment horizons
      • The funds selected are best-in-class, open-architecture funds
      • Portfolios are actively managed by highly qualified and experienced portfolio specialists
      • All-in pricing (includes all transactions)
      • Access to our tax support services
      • Access to the BIL World Plus package
    • You want active assistance in managing your financial investments.BIL Select Partner

      With an advisory agreement, you can take advantage of the expertise of your relationship manager and our financial specialists to help guide your decisions. You retain control over your investments while taking advantage of the best opportunities on the financial markets, as identified by our experts according to your profile.

      • Analysis of your portfolio
      • A range of funds and structured products selected by our experts
      • A true partnership between you and your relationship manager for the choice of your investments in financial instruments
      • Access to our tax support services
      • Access to the BIL World Plus package
      • Two pricing possibilities: per transaction or flat-rate.
    • You want to invest independently.BIL Select Act

      This execution service lets you manage your investments on financial markets yourself. You are free to choose from the range of products available to you and determine the composition of your portfolio.
      The bank provides you with effective tools to enable you to manage your securities and financial market transactions yourself.

      • Access to a wide range of financial investment products (open architecture)
      • Optimal execution by the bank of your transactions across a range of channels (BILnet, secure messaging, telephone, in-branch appointment)
      • Access to the BIL World Plus package
      • Two pricing possibilities: per transaction or flat-rate
  • Detailed information on your portfolios

    Our experts provide accurate reports to share with you as often as outlined for the service chosen.

    And to better serve your needs...

    • BILnet: an effective way of managing your portfolio on a smartphone, tablet or computer, accessible 24/7.
    • Tax support services: Tax Relief, Tax Reclaim and Tax Report..
  • An exclusive bank card: Visa Select

    With the BIL Select package, you can take advantage of Visa Select, a top-of-the-range credit card offering a wide array of benefits including exclusive insurance and assistance solutions.

    Improve your daily life with a range of services and benefits

    • Payment accepted by more than 29 million businesses worldwide
    • Purchase protection: theft, damage to property, etc.
    • Assistance in the home: home help, transport in an ambulance, etc. (terms and conditions apply)
    • Etc.

    Take advantage of exclusive insurance and assistance solutions, leaving you free to travel the globe with full peace of mind

    • Travel insurance: accident, cancellation, missed departure or connection, delayed baggage, etc.
    • Assistance while abroad, travelling or at home

    Take advantage of Visa Privilege services just for you

    • Hotel booking platform: visit www.myvisaluxuryhotels.com, and take advantage of discounts and special benefits in more than 900 hotels around the world.
    • Special deals with big labels throughout the world: click here to discover the full range of offers and discounts from Visa partners
  • Membership of the privileged BIL Select Club

    Choose the BIL Select package to join the BIL Select Club and enjoy a wide array of member-only benefits.

    Invitations to exclusive events near you:
    financial conferences, concerts, exhibitions, sneak previews and private viewings, etc.

    Our BIL Select News newsletter,
    with special topics selected just for you.


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