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Benefits for your employees

For your employees, BIL's range of staff loyalty products represents a reward for their commitment and an attractive addition to their salary package.

BIL Company Programme

Offer your employees and their spouses exclusive banking benefits with the BIL Company programme!

With a free subscription to BIL Company, you enable employees who open or hold a BIL account to benefit personally from preferential banking terms.

The BIL Company programme is particularly attractive for your organisation:

  • You secure your staff's loyalty through preferential banking terms.
  • You bear no additional costs.
  • You can adapt the offers connected with BIL Company to match your requirements.

Please get in touch with your BIL Relationship Manager right away to find out more about all the benefits offered by BIL Company and implement this scheme in your organisation free of charge.

Staff loyalty products

For your employees, BIL's range of staff loyalty products represents a reward for their commitment and an attractive addition to their salary package.

Furthermore, as an employer, your organisation enjoys greater commitment by its teams as well as highly attractive conditions with regard to employer contributions and taxation.

Group insurance policies:

Employees benefit from additional insurance (pension, death, disability). The premium paid by the employer is not considered a benefit in kind and the benefits (on the policy's maturity) are not subject to tax in Luxembourg (potentially taxable for non-residents in their country of residence).

Owing to the ability to deduct premiums, your organisation benefits from solution offering tax advantages.


The leasing options offered by BIL and its partners enable you to provide your employees with a vehicle while spreading the costs over the term of the lease. The vehicle can be financed through two BIL leasing options:

  • Financial leases: the agreement includes financing the vehicle and can include registration costs and insurance.
  • Operational leasing: this option, in addition to financing the vehicle, includes a series of usage-related costs such as regular maintenance or repairs. A variety of additional services can be provided: insurance, assistance, tyre replacement, a fuel card or even a replacement vehicle.

Your BIL Relationship Manager will introduce you to these solutions, in conjunction with our specialised subsidiaries.