Our team

We offer a specialised team to each of our partners depending on their geographic location and the type of services they require.

Claude DAHM


Phone: +352 4590-5000
Mail: contact@bil.com

Banking Relations

We address your needs with customised solutions

Single point of contact for

  • Sales
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contracts

Management of

  • Clearing services
  • Nostro accounts
  • Multi-currency vostro accounts
  • Credit lines
  • William de Smet UK, Middle East
  • Paolo Berg Central Europe, Asia, America
  • Marie-Laure Neiseler Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Skandinavia, South-Africa
  • Alain Billo Central Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Commonwealth

Client Services

A dedicated experienced team to serve your needs

Relational support for banks as the primary point of contact for any administrative tasks

  • Responsible for reconciliation and amendment to transactions
  • Assistants for the coordination and execution of operations

Multilingual intermediaries operating between various internal operational support entities

  • Guy Moreau Customer service
  • Britta Block Customer service
  • Adriana Trindade Customer service