Banking service offer

BIL offers a wide range of products and services at competitive pricing to meet the needs of its clients.

Cash clearing services

  • EBA, Target2: possibility of sub participation
  • SEPA Credit Transfer - SEPA Direct Debit: possibility of sub participation
  • SIC (clearing CHF)
  • Multi-currency payments (including exotic currencies)
  • Statement of charges and quality report on payments

Banking services

  • Brokerage services with direct access to the dealing room (funds, bonds, equities, etc.)
  • Global custody (third-party funds, bonds, equities, etc.)
  • Cheque processing and issuing, cash letter services
  • Company credit cards
  • White-labelled credit cards for your clients
  • Support by a dedicated client service team
  • E-banking (BILnet Pro/Multiline)
  • Guarantees
  • EMIR reporting under direct delegation and third party delegation
  • Issue of tailored structured products
  • Multi-currency and precious metal accounts
  • Paying agent, listing agent and corporate trust services
  • Set-up of specialised investment vehicles
  • Swift Member Concentrator (access to the Swift system)
  • Management of trailer fees
  • Support by a dedicated client service team

Customised banking services for Luxembourg only

  • Bank notes
  • Safe-deposit boxes
  • Business continuity management services (cash withdrawal and deposit)
  • Physical precious metals (including coins and gold bars)

Correspondent Banking can assist the experts of other highly specialised BIL entities