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Our policy

With regard to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), BIL has a multiannual strategic policy that focuses on innovation, art and culture, education and health. This approach is put into practice through sustainable partnerships and support for numerous initiatives.

Our commitment

We believe that in order to offer a healthy and sustainable business environment, Luxembourg must be able to support a climate of economic and social well-being. BIL has always fostered economic growth in Luxembourg and the Greater Region by providing financial support to a range of projects. Whether directly or indirectly, our CSR policy affects clients, employees, service providers and shareholders, as well as society as a whole.

BIL therefore focuses on four key, complementary areas:

  • Constantly challenging the status quo by encouraging innovation
  • Opening new horizons by promoting art and culture
  • Preparing for the future through tangible actions within the field of education
  • Improving the quality of life of our employees


Thanks to its ambitious CSR policy, BIL has held the “Socially Responsible Enterprise” label since 2015, awarded by Luxembourg’s National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR).

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