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BILnet Mobile is a free service that lets you carry out most of your bank transactions via your mobile device at any time and wherever you are.

  • Accounts

    Consult account and credit card balances and recent transactions

  • Transfer

    Make national and international transfers

  • Orders

    Place stock market orders

  • IBAN

    Print or email your bank account details slip (RIB)

  • Electronic documents

    Access electronic copies of your banking documents

  • Messaging

    Communicate via secure messaging

BILnet Mobile. Access all of your banking services via your mobile device using your Token.

To take full advantage of what BILnet Mobile has to offer, you will need a LuxTrust Token.
Both BILnet Mobile and BILnet online banking use LuxTrust secure authentication.

Explore the full range of BILnet Mobile functions

  • New transfers

    Transfer funds between your own accounts or to beneficiaries saved in BILnet online banking. Your transfer limits are shared between BILnet and BILnet Mobile.

  • Finding ATMs and branches

    Our ATM and branch finder allows you to locate BIL ATMs and any other ATM in Luxembourg as well as the nearest BIL branch. It provides useful information including address, opening hours and how to get there.

  • Carbon tax calculation

    The app will tell you how much carbon tax you need to pay in Luxembourg. This calculation takes into account your vehicle’s CO2 emissions and fuel type.

  • Personal and mortgage loan simulations

    You can carry out a loan simulation from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android smartphone and send it directly to BIL as a loan application (provided you have an active internet connection).

  • BIL Contact Numbers

    Find the bank’s main contact numbers should you need to call your contact centre, for example, or block your bank cards if they are lost or stolen.

  • Use the Memo app to keep track of your incomings and outgoings

    Memo reminds you what you owe and what you are owed. You can also set up alerts.

  • Managing your preferences

    Personalise the icon list displayed in the app.

  • Favourites

    Save details of your preferred branches and ATMs.

  • Scanner

    Allows you to scan QR (Quick Response) Codes.

  • Bank cards

    Consult credit card balances and transactions for the current and previous period as well as your spending limits.

Quick Banking. The basic features of BILnet Mobile in a super-fast, Token-free version.

  • I want to consult my balances at a glance.

    With Quick View, you can quickly check your account and bank card balances without using a single code!

  • I want to make small transfers very quickly.

    Quick Transfer (transfers with a PIN): make transfers to whoever you want at any time in just a few clicks.

  • My mobile, my choice:

    Link Quick Banking to one or more mobile devices.

    Select and change the accounts and cards displayed in Quick View, the accounts used for Quick Transfer, your PIN, the daily limit or the type of beneficiary accounts for your Quick Transfers at any time.

  • Fully confidential

    You can temporarily deactivate Quick Banking in just one click via the BILnet Mobile app.

    If you do not use BILnet Mobile for a period of more than 30 days, it is automatically deactivated.

    You can permanently delete a specific mobile device or completely disable Quick Banking in BILnet from a computer.

  • What is the difference between Quick View and Quick Banking?

    Quick View is an ultra-fast means of checking your balances without displaying any personal information. It cannot be used to perform any transactions. You can view the balances of accounts and bank cards simply by touching an icon in the BILnet Mobile app... without even having to log in.

    Quick Banking allows you to make transfers of up to EUR 120 per day to beneficiaries saved in BILnet and to beneficiaries not yet saved in BILnet. You can either make a single transfer of EUR 120 per day or several small transfers totalling a maximum of EUR 120. The PIN you chose in BILnet is required and therefore you do not need your Token.

Find out more

BILnet Mobile FAQ

BILnet Mobile, an app designed with businesses in mind.

BILnet Mobile can be used by both account holders and authorised representatives (businesses or private individuals) to manage personal and business accounts.

  • Check all of your transactions awaiting validation on a single page.
  • Access your own accounts and those for which you are authorised representative in just one click without having to re-enter your codes.
  • Validation by joint (double) signature. Employees can use their computers at the company’s offices to set up transactions, which can then be validated by their manager at any time and wherever they are.

Get BILnet Mobile and Quick Banking

  • 1
    Get a LuxTrust Token.
  • 2
    Activate BILnet Mobile and then Quick Banking in BILnet
    (Personal Area menu).
  • 3
    Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play for Android.


Pay with your mobile from your BIL account

  • Use your mobile device to pay securely for your purchases in a number of outlets and online, and even to pay paper invoices.

  • The BIL Digicash mobile app allows you to make mobile payments, which will be debited from your BIL current account instantly. You do not require a bank card, and there is no need to open a specific account.

    To make a payment, simply scan a QR code that does not contain any sensitive data and confirm the transaction with a confidential PIN.

  • Activate BIL Digicash in less than 2 minutes

    1. Download the BIL Digicash application to your mobile free of charge


    Download it from App Store Download it from Google Play

    2. Activate the Digicash service on the mobile of your choice in BILnet.

    (Personal Area menu/Activate Digicash) and follow the step-by-step activation instructions.

  • Make mobile payments with ease

    1. Open the BIL Digicash app

    2. Scan the QR code displayed by the merchant, e-commerce site or bill

    3. Confirm the transaction with your PIN

    4. Check your payment status. The amount is automatically debited from your BIL current account and will be shown in the account transactions in BILnet

  • Where can I pay with Digicash in Luxembourg?

    Discover which retailers and billing companies accept the Digicash payment system here. This list of partners is growing all the time.

  • Looking for more information or assistance?

    • Find all of the information about the Digicash service at
    • You can also read the FAQ
    • Our Technical Hotline will be happy to help you if you have any problems
    Tel. (+352) 4590 4590
    Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 20:00

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Digicash FAQ

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